Antique French Signed

Antique Daum Nancy Landscape Cameo Art Glass Vase Antique Auction Vintage Mall I Florida Reseller Comeback Antique french 19th century folding mirror wood painted by hand bronze signed ANTIQUE ORIGINAL 1926 FRENCH MINIATURE PAINTING WATERCOLOR Portrait of a girl Antique French Porcelain Portrait With French Dore Frame. Signed. Dragon Indistinctly Signed ANTIQUE FRENCH IMPRESSIONIST OIL PAINTING Quiet Harbour 1920 Antique French Silver PlateTriptych Holy Water Font Crucifixion Signed 1880s Josephine A Highly Detailed Antique French Chandelier Antique Clock Rococo French Boudoir Table Clock 2585 Antique French Empire Column Clock Portico Marquetry Gilt Signed On Dial Signed Antique Emile GALLE Art Nouveau Cameo Art Glass Vase c. 1900 Cabinet Vase Antique French Gilt Bronze Dresser Vanity/Jewel Box Signed H/P Portrait 3 of 3 1980's FRENCH ABSTRACT OIL PAINTING SIGNED & DATED AMAZING SHAPES & FUSIONS Antique Math Moreau (French 1822-1912) La Rosee Bronze Sculpture Signed Shakespeare Bronze Sculpture Antique French Marble Signed Mantel Clock Vintage French Nude Nu Au Peignoir Maurice Ferdinand Perrot Parisian artist SIGNED ITALIAN VENETIAN PAINTED French, Multi-Color FLORAL TWIN/DAY BEDS

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